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12-13-08 *** CURRENT NEWS ***
---> NEW Site comming soon. We realize you've been waiting awhile for our new site. Due to a deployment we were unable to keep anything on this site up to date. At this time we are creating a more friendly site. Once the site is up and running, we will be working with the local establishments to get you more local information. Please take the time to talk to your local club and let them know about us. We will host their website link for FREE.

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Talk live to other people. See what their thoughts are about local events around the St Cloud area.
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We at CloudTown want to simplify things for you, the local students here in Saint Cloud, Mn. This is our offer to you;

Talk to your local establishments and tell them about this. We will post their information here FREE. That is correct FREE. Tell them to post their band lineups, special events, or drink specials. If they have there own site, tell them to give us the link, we will add it FREE.

Please feel free to email all questions, comments, or concerns to the: Local Info

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